Hey Siri!

Tomorrow, Apple will hold their annual keynote address for the next generation iPhone. There’s plenty of talk amongst tech writers about what they think Apple will announce this year. This is something that happens every year because they want a leg up in credibility and hits on their websites.

Due to the incredible amount of leaks and manufactured leaks, it’s getting more difficult for a company like Apple to surprise and delight the world.  In fact, it’s gotten to a disappointing level where some in the media are cynical about anything Apple or technology as a whole.

The sad thing is the tech media industry feel as if they have the power and influence to tell Apple what they need to release. If Apple doesn’t comply, they will write about the “fake disappointment” they have.

Don’t buy into the hype.

If you really want to be surprised about what’s going to happen, stop listening to the rumors and cynic blasters!

For me, Apple has been the only company that has consistently created childhood-like excitement about technology. Most of the tech writers didn’t grow up with technology as a way of empowering their lives. Most are only users that think they know about Apple simply because they purchased an iPhone a couple of years ago.

Although I am a developer and know things about tomorrow, I can’t express to you how excited I am. Sure, I have low expectations about what’s going to be announced. I’m just excited that everyone will be able to see what I’ve been using since June!

Get ready to take the time to watch the keynote at 1PM EST and listen to my radio show at blogtalkradio.com/ks3tech.

Google is Alphabet. Google is in Alphabet.

What is this? Out of nowhere, Google has decided to reorganize itself and change the name of Google to Alphabet. The reasons for the change can be read here.

Actually, Google will still exist but it’s going to be a company underneath Alphabet. The creative thing about this new company is that that the other companies, like Google Labs which is now X, will have a new CEO for each one.

Google is now under the leadership of Sundar Pichai. Under this new restructured Google, hopefully we will see a company that can change quickly to new trends. What does this mean for you? I guess we’re all going to find out soon but I will advise that you don’t panic. Let’s enjoy this ride and hopefully we will experience something great from Alphabet.

The upcoming review of Apple Watch

The face of Apple Watch
The face of Apple Watch

It’s been over a month since I’ve had Apple Watch. During this period, I’ve been playing, testing, upgrading and living with this device. Sure, I can go right into a full blow review of Apple Watch but I’m not doing that. This device deserves more of a hand crafted review.

I will say that this is not your normal gadget. It’s not even a gadget, It’s something else entirely. It’s something I’ve never experienced before. It’s something that you won’t understand until I write a full article about it. For example. While I’m typing this post, I’m listening to music through Apple TV and I got a notification from Periscope on my watch.

What’s so special about that?

All I had to do was turn my wrist for a less than a second to see what notification it was and continue typing this post. What you may not get at this point is that I didn’t have to go to my phone and physically move my hands to another device instead of keeping my hands on the keyboard.


I will finish my article shortly. You might underestimate the importance of this device but I’m going to let you know why you can’t live without it.